My business is brand new, will I benefit from affiliate marketing?

If you’ve just launched your brand and introduced your first product, full-scope affiliate management might not be a wise investment at the moment. We always recommend that a brand have spent at least 2-3 years in their market with considerable YoY growth, organic press coverage, and have the margins and rates to offer a competitive affiliate commission before they consider working with Praize for full management.

As a brand new business, you might benefit more from a Competitor Analysis & Audit to understand your position in the market, or Mentorship on how affiliate marketing can be a future revenue-driver for your brand.

How do DTC brands benefit from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a highly trackable, low-risk, and win-win marketing channel. By supporting brands in working with high-quality partners to increase coverage, awareness, and customer acquisition on a performance basis, affiliate marketing can become a vital revenue driver for DTC businesses. Like, up to 20% of eCommerce revenue, vital…

I have a PR agency supporting my brand already, is affiliate marketing also worth it?

Yes! Affiliate marketing will support the work that your PR agency is doing, by uncovering which publications and specific features are driving the most revenue for your business, strengthening your relationships with publications by offering strategic commission percentages, building strategies for continued growth based on data and performance, and so much more!

In short, traditional PR and affiliate marketing make a great team, and they go hand in hand in today’s landscape. You’re missing out on growth opportunities without them both.

What does a successful affiliate program look like?

While “success” definitely varies based on the brand, a healthy affiliate program should drive between 15-20% of your business’ eCommerce revenue, maintain a CPA of about $15, and drive a minimum of 60% new customers. This type of performance is typically seen after six months of scaling an affiliate marketing program!

How long does it take to grow an affiliate program?

The first six months of growing an affiliate program are vital to understanding what works for your brand and what doesn’t. It’s also a healthy time period to gain an understanding of average metrics and program capabilities, so as to appropriately inform the strategy for continuing to grow your affiliate program long term.

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